New DmC Trailer Straight From Japan (Even Though the Game Isn’t)...

New DmC Trailer Straight From Japan (Even Though the Game Isn’t)

Check out the gameplay trailer here.

Germany centered video game shindig GamesCom doesn’t kick off until next week yet hungry eyes are able to catch a glimpse of what Capcom and Ninja Theory will be showing off at the convention for Devil May Cry.

Even without having touched the game, many may already be acquainted with the new Dante’s brutal brawler-with-a-sword style of fighting from one of several action showcases the developer has let loose.  Opting for some variety, this newer, sonically displeasing trailer displays more of Dante’s platforming prowess.  Already, this is one area that seems to have been considerately improved upon from the series’ PS2 days (if you don’t remember, just believe me when I say fixed perspectives and depth perception get along like stupid kids with untied shoes and escalators).

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