Overkill Takes a Bite Outta The Walking Dead If you’re all about...

Overkill Takes a Bite Outta The Walking Dead

If you’re all about co-op zombie blasting action, there’s been a cavernous void in your life during the many years between the last Left 4 Dead and now. Overkill’s here to pump that void full of lead.

From the creators of Payday and Payday 2, the recent cult splashes in the co-op FPS market, comes a new take on The Walking Dead mythos. Like the successful adventure game series before it, Overkill’s working with Skybound Entertainment to realize the comic book universe the apocalyptic franchise stems from (sorry, Norman Reedus fans – you have other shit to look forward to).

The game – which is just being called Overkill’s The Walking Dead at this time – was announced in a super grim teaser trailer stating that, “In 2016 Washington Falls” (the studio seemingly has a vendetta against D.C. and likes to show it in their games).

TWD creator Robert Kirkman then guests in the trailer proclaiming his excitement to have Overkill conjure up the co-op shootin’ fest fans have been waiting for. This isn’t the first time the zombie funny book has been adapted into a shooter, but given that game’s performance, we’ll go ahead and pretend that this is.

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