Remember Me (PC/PS3/X360 - May 2013) Capcom’s new IP certainly...

Remember Me (PC/PS3/X360 - May 2013)

Capcom’s new IP certainly has the mixings for a surprise hit: interesting neo-punk setting, a unique gameplay mechanic in its memory remixing, and a combo-centric bent on hand-to-hand combat.

Of course, hamfisted storytelling could bring Dontnod’s game down in a fiery explosion.  Remember Me’s announcement trailer played host to cringe inducing lines like “I’m the hunter, why am I being hunted?!” and I swear I heard a baddie in a demo reel literally say “Curse you!"  Dontnod, the modern equivalent to "Curse you!” is “Fuck your own face!"  More nuanced than the former.  Get it right.

Writing pitfalls aside, there’s not much else to be concerned with since every gameplay video has been utterly impressive.  With that, I’ll leave you with this new trailer focusing on Nilin’s fighting prowess (which, thankfully, seems to abide my doctrine that every third-person brawler needs to outright steal from Rocksteady’s Batman games).

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