Resident Evil Revelations 2 Details Surface! The above image is...

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Details Surface!

The above image is from the newest issue of Gamesmaster Magazine. You can throw guesses as to who these two ladies are but, thanks to Push-Start, we already know their identities: we’re looking at an older Claire Redfield, and her young ward is none other than Barry “What is This?!” Burton’s daughter, Moira.

The mag shed first light on some tantalizing details about the sequel which takes place on an isolated island detention center (Claire’s got a bad habit of stranding herself on those). Here’s what to expect from Revelations 2: 

  • The game can be tackled either in single-player or co-op.
  • Claire, now a “seasoned veteran,” handles more of an offensive, combat oriented role…
  • …Whereas Moira plays a support role in which it’s her job to heal Claire and illuminate darkened areas with her flashlight (some areas are to be oppressively dark, but that won’t stop creepers from creepin’).
  • The title is a prequel – set between Chris’ boulder punching quest in RE5 and the global hootenanny in RE6.
  • True to the first Revelations, the game has a heavier focus on survival horror. So much so that, like days of old, you’ll have to choose between flight or fight given your limited ammo supply.
  • Enter the “Afflicted.” They resemble zombies, but are much faster, much stronger, and much worse. Like The Last of Us’ Infected, it’s usually better to take them down the stealth way or simply turn tail and run.
  • Expect next-gen and PC versions of the game to run at 60fps in full 1080p HD.
  • “The project has been finding the line between listening to fan feedback and also doing something different to confound expectations,“ says producer Michiteru Okabe.
  • Claire is still a fox.

Push-Start also has some grabs of the magazine feature on their site. Little warning, they’re on the low quality side. I’ll be sure to post hi-res images once Capcom makes them available. Special thanks to Rely on Horror for nabbing the story.

If you missed it, watch the official teaser trailer hereabouts.

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