Resident Evil Revelations 2 Release Schedule Up + The Return of...

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Release Schedule Up + The Return of Barry “The Beard” Burton!

In addition to Claire Redfield and Moira Burton’s trudge through an abandoned prison, each of the four episodes features a second scenario starring former-S.T.A.R.S. member/beard enthusiast Barry Burton!

Barry’s scenario sees him scouring the volatile island in search of his missing daughter, Moira. Fortunately, he’s accompanied by more than his face bristles and magnum. A young girl by the name of Natalia Korda aids Barry’s search and rescue op by harnessing a sort of sixth sense that alerts her to enemies nearby and, conveniently, items hidden in the environment (she’s a godsend when you lose your keys).

Here’s when and where Capcom is releasing the four episodes next year. Each episode, including Raid mode content, is $5.99 individually or $24.99 altogether when you purchase the Season Pass:

  • Episode 1: Feb. 17th (PSN) // Feb. 18th (XBL, Steam)
  • Episode 2: Feb. 25th (PSN) // Feb. 25th (XBL, Steam)
  • Episode 3: Mar. 3rd (PSN) // Mar. 4th (XBL, Steam)
  • Episode 4:Mar. 10th (PSN) // Mar. 11th (XBL, Steam)

The Season Pass also nets you two additional chapters fleshing our new characters, Moira and Natalia, as well as bringing back Mr. Death himself, HUNK, for use in Raid Mode.

Still wary towards the digital revolution? No worries, troglodyte. A retail version of Revelations 2 is hitting shelves March 10th. For $39.99 you get everything in the Season Pass — all four episodes, every Raid stage, the bonus chapters, HUNK — plus four alternate costumes (one per character), throwback Raid stages featuring faves from modern Resident Evil’s, and access to Albert “Global Saturation” Wesker for use in Raid Mode; all on one retail disc. (All that bonus content will also be made available as DLC – Capcom’s modern day strategy for wringing your wallet out.)

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