Resident Evil Revelations Console Bound? In order to retain the...

Resident Evil Revelations Console Bound?

In order to retain the blog’s name, my lawyers inform me I’m legally contracted to write about Resident Evil whenever it makes a blip in the news.  As my legal representation figures it, I have 1,468 articles left to write pertaining to RE before Capcom allows me ownership over The Red Herb with impunity (make that 1,467 as of now!).  All righty, let’s give her the old college try for the umpteenth time:

According to a listing recently made by the Korean Ratings Board, Resident Evil Revelations – one of the better reasons to spring for a 3DS and possibly the scariest entry in Capcom’s modern Resi lineup – has been rated for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, hinting at a console release for the once handheld exclusive.  The listing holds the potential of being a mistake, but the NeoGaf forum user that brought light on this news mentions that in addition to already having an existing rating for Revelations on the 3DS, the Korean Ratings Board has definitely leaked games before (such as the DMC HD Collection and Dragonball Z for Kinect), effectively beating publishers to the announcement punch.

Naturally, this is completely unconfirmed, but “Capcom” and “re-release” tends to reserve the same spot in gamers’ minds all the same.  I doubt we’ll see a full-on retail disc (both Resident Evil 4 HD and Code: Veronica X HD skipped out on stores and went straight to digital), but at the right price and with some hi-definition upscaling, Revelations would be perfect for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.  Feeling burned by the series’ focus on bullets over scares?  Resident Evil Revelations comes at a high recommendation for survival horror fanatics that preferred running from boulders in days of yore instead of punching the shit out of them (ten more boulder-punching references and the company sends me a mug).

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