Shadows of the Damned Gettin’ Sequelized? “I’m thinking of a...

Shadows of the Damned Gettin’ Sequelized?

“I’m thinking of a sequel, actually,” says famed composer and collaborator, Akira Yamaoka, his interest giving a Shadows successor the only shred of traction it has.

Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture’s grindhouse-y homage to horror and action flicks that populated the ‘80’s with awesome may have been received well by all that played it, but suffered from the fact that “all” in sales speak actually encompassed a group of people that could barely fill a high school gymnasium.

Even so, when Eurogamer inquired if publisher EA would back a sequel, the Silent Hill composer replied with a firm “Probably."  I’m confident if the developer’s next project, the high school horror movie inspired Lollipop Chainsaw, leaves a bigger mark, Grasshopper Manufacture will be allowed free reign on anything they’d like.  Mr. Yamaoka and the twenty-four fans that bought Shadows sure hope that means more B-flick adventures with Garcia Hotspur and his incorrigible Johnson.

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