Silent Hill HD Collection Nudged to Late March, Riots Expected...

Silent Hill HD Collection Nudged to Late March, Riots Expected

Konami has rescheduled their HD stroll down memory lane, unfortunately, folks.  Originally slated for March 6th, the Silent Hill HD Collection likely lost nerve when faced with the simultaneous releases of gaming juggernauts Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken.  Now the PS3/360 collection suffers its (hopefully) final delay, dated for release on March 20th.

The horror franchise’s other two entries dated for this month remain firmly locked in place with the full-on sequel Silent Hill: Downpour arriving March 13th and the Vita spin-off Book of Memories following on March 27th.  And I’m pretty sure the 3D film Silent Hill: Revelations is due for release in the coming months.

Now Konami has precisely matched Capcom’s three game and a movie scheme they’re using for Resident Evil this year.  It’s the best and quickest way to empty a horror fan’s wallet without having to point a gun at them or force Bruce Campbell to sign autographs, and these companies damned well know this.

Pyramid Head lunch boxes are soon to follow (hopefully).

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