Silent Hill Revelation 3D in Theaters October 26th And here’s the...

Silent Hill Revelation 3D in Theaters October 26th

And here’s the official trailer for those of you looking to revisit the Hill in October.  What’s that?  You didn’t even know they were making a sequel?  I understand.  Usually direct-to-DVD sequels that don’t even feature the original cast slip right underneath the radar…

Except this isn’t DTV.  Revelation 3D is theater-bound.  And most of 2006’s original Silent Hill cast are returning to reprise their roles, now joined by silver-screen friendlies the likes of Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix, anyone?), Kit Harington (the fool Jon Snow of Game of Thrones), and Adelaide Clemens (credited as the infamous “Carnival Girl” in X-Men: First Class…it counts).

English filmmaker Michael J. Bassett is handling both writing and directing duties, basing the story specifically on Heather Mason’s exploits in Silent Hill 3 – a direct continuation to the events of the first Silent Hill game which, wouldntcha knowit?, the 2006 film is adapted from.

So this isn’t a throwaway DTV sequel, original cast members are returning, and it actually has something to do with the source material’s continuity?  Color me excited.  No matter your feelings towards the survival horror genre, Silent Hill (flaws and all) is still heralded as one of the best video game film adaptations around.  Here’s to hoping Revelation can live up to that reputation.

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