Spotlight of the Day: Sean the Colonial Marine This is Sean Maio...

Spotlight of the Day: Sean the Colonial Marine

This is Sean Maio and he’s what you’d might call a professional cosplayer.  Sean built his colonial marine garb from the ground up with exacting detail, going to excruciating lengths (and great personal finance) to replicate the parts and processes used by the crew behind 1986’s Aliens.  Gearbox, the minds crafting next year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, were so impressed by Sean’s walking authenticity, they wanted him and his likeness in their game.  A “red shirt” marine, as Sean describes it, you’ll be able to either select him as a skin in online multiplayer or alternatively maul him as an enemy xenomorph.

He walked into Play N Trade (wherein which I reside), picked up a copy of Sega’s Aliens: Infestation, and asked if any of us had played it.  Unable to suppress my urge to geek the hell out on anything Aliens, I engaged, gabbed about the game’s Metroid-vania play-style (DS people, you should really pick this one up) and soon learned of his involvement with Gearbox’s title.

The way he tells it, Gearbox and Sega are going to untold lengths in order to bring you an extremely faithful adaptation of the Aliens universe, from the art style to sound design, it’s all ripped directly from the film.  Oh, and Alien diehards, expect some glee-inducing surprises the closer we get to the game’s February release.  Seriously, you’re gonna shit joy.

Thank you, Sean, for being supremely cool and geeking out with me.  Check out an interview he did at PAX where Sega had him showing off his custom made smartgun and where he talks up his cosplay group The Aliens Legacy.

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