Star Trek (PC/PS3/X360 - April 23rd, 2013) As you can see, the...

Star Trek (PC/PS3/X360 - April 23rd, 2013)

As you can see, the Namco Bandai published bro-op shooter based around J.J. Abram’s updated revival of the Star Trek universe has received an official date.  Whew.  It took almost everything I fucking had not to write “is phasing into stores this Spring."  Literally everything.

Usually, a game adapted from a movie license would earn a hearty shrug from me (especially when its box art is this grotesquely hard on the eyes), but I can’t deny I’m interested to see what developer Digital Extremes manages to do with the property.  Their work on The Darkness II, which released all the way back in February, resonated strongly enough to slip into the number ten slot on my Top Picks of 2012 list.

If Digital Extremes can muster up as much devotion and creativity as they put forth into adapting The Darkness comics, then Star Trek is going to turn some heads when it drops next year, abysmal box art and all (look at this two-toned Photoshop nightmare again; if Kirk isn’t channeling Zoolander here than I’m changing my prescription).

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