Star Wars 1313 (Next-Gen) Jedi’s get to have all the fun when it...

Star Wars 1313 (Next-Gen)

Jedi’s get to have all the fun when it comes to Star Wars video games.  There have been spectacular examples of Force-less games that have brought the thunder – Shadows of the Empire (mostly Force-free), Rogue Squadron (which the world needs another of) – yet there hasn’t been anything similar in recent memory that has gotten the blood boiling.

Now comes 1313, a serious tale about a serious bounty hunter searching the crime-thick bowels of the planet Coruscant.  Without a lightsaber handy, your character falls back on blasters, tools, and cover – and you’ll do well in 1313 to always shoot first.  Closer to Uncharted than Force Unleashed, Lucasart’s internally developed IP is striving for the highest fidelity by partnering with film industry wizards Industrial Light & Magic as well as Lucasfilm Animation and Skywalker Sound.

Star Wars 1313 is young yet but you have to admit it at least looks mighty impressive whether you love the property or not.

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