Street Fighter X Tekken Sound Patch Inbound Offline, SFxT’s...

Street Fighter X Tekken Sound Patch Inbound

Offline, SFxT’s frenetic combat works beautifully, displaying Capcom’s fighting muscle like never before.  Online, however, the addition of tag team switching to the Street Fighter engine comes at the irritating price of devastating sound drops that have been a thorn in fan’s asses since release day.

Peaking on the horizon is the answer to our woes as a patch to the game’s netcoding has been announced for next week.  The patch will be tethered to the Tournament Support update which implements a more user friendly way to choose between gems before a fight.  At last, my resounding defeats will be heard to their fullest extent.

In the meantime, check out SFxT’s store – there’s a heap of “downloadable” content that released today (free and otherwise) that includes quick combos, costumes, and finally some new colors to bastardize your favorite fighter with.

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