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Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer from Arkane’s Prey RebootAnd...

Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer from Arkane’s Prey Reboot

And it’s looking incredibly promising. I was on the fence about a complete reworking of the franchise. All right, “franchise” may be loftier a word than this IP deserves considering it has one 2006 release and a completely scrapped sequel to its name. But I dug the original Prey’s premise of a modern Native American falling on his ancestry’s ancient powers to battle a threat from the stars. It had style, a Quake-y atmosphere and physics-bending fuckery even before Portal became a household name.

But Arkane’s on to something here. A giant space station, an invading alien species akin to a “living ecology,” a mix-up of upgradable future tech and Plasmid-like extraterrestrial powers… This is a reimagining with serious imagination. Sure, we’re not getting the “alien bounty hunter” successor Prey 2 was proposed to be – and my heart still breaks each time I look upon the stars and wonder what could have been – but this? This might do just fine.

Arkane Studios’ Prey is slated for a 2017 release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Only 5,000 of you will get ahold of this Fallout controllerThe...

Only 5,000 of you will get ahold of this Fallout controller

The Bethesda Store is holding a sale through Monday where lone wanderers can get 20% off shirts, trinkets, art books, and the like.

Additionally, running from today till Friday, the store will offer up super limited items, all Fallout themed. All are nifty items, sure, but tomorrow’s exclusive takes the radiation baked cake: a Vault Boy styled Xbox One controller (in all its glory, up above). Of which only 5,000 were made.

It’s too damn cool. A novelty no dignified Fallout obsessive can do without. I can’t even count myself among that crowd and I want one. If only there was a PS4 counterpart… (That’s a hint, Bethesda. I’m hinting you should make one).

UPDATED: She gone, folks. Mayhaps it’ll return to the store. Mayhaps Death Claws will roll over and die at the very sight of you. It’s not impossible (just very highly improbable).

I Got to Play 5 Minutes of DOOM’s Multiplayer (and It Was a Stupid Amount of Fun)


Dallas, TX

For the third year running, I’ve gotten the opportunity to attend QuakeCon. Well, “attend” may lead you to believe I’m rocking a rig in the BYOC room and fawning over Bethesda’s afternoon pressers as new info on Fallout 4 spills my way.

I wish that were the case. More accurately, I’m enclosed behind a booth, which is in turn littered with garments that I’m selling to Dallas’ local PC...

Yes Man by Eric Ridgeway

Yes Man

by Eric Ridgeway

New Doom Screens Make Mars Look Like a Helluva PlaceAnybody gonna...

New Doom Screens Make Mars Look Like a Helluva Place

Anybody gonna get mad if I just call it New Doom? Has a pleasant ring to it. As pleasant as anything called Doom can be anyway.