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Shots from C2E2 2013. Special thanks to everyone who visited the...

Shots from C2E2 2013.  Special thanks to everyone who visited the Glitch booth and allowed me to snap pics with my shitty camera; you’re all heroes (except Scarecrow and Bane…you’re villains).

For the nearly 700 followers that dig on the Herb, I wanted to...

For the nearly 700 followers that dig on the Herb, I wanted to let you know that, firstly, I dig on you right back and, secondly, I’m hitting the road tomorrow.

My new gig with Glitch Gear – a gaming apparel company featuring officially licensed threads from the likes of Valve, 2K, and Gearbox (I have no shame in plugging these goods) – means I get to hop on board the convention circuit.  First stop is Chicago’s C2E2, so if you’re in town, at this specific con, follow the Herb, and also find yourself in need of gaming apparel, welly, stop by our booth…Fate practically demands it of you.

I’ll try to keep the site updated with, you know, my one post a day – I know, I know; I’m a total overachiever – but forgive me if activity is on the low side.  I’ll be back home Monday and will hopefully have an Injustice review typed up for you (in short, it’s the tits but I promise a few more words than that soon).  Also, I’ve been holding onto this damn copy of Metroid I’ve been meaning to raffle off for far too long.  Contest developing, so stay tuned.

In summation: thanks for the support, sorry for not justifying said support, and see you in Chicago.