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The Red Herb Roundup: Revengeance

Welcome back to the Roundup, where we take a look back at the week in gaming, reflect on the gaming happenings, and balance our finances in order to put gaming above all else, minimizing insignificant expenses like food and rent (let the landlord keep banging at the door – it’s not like he has a key or whatever).

This week in games, cyberpunk became cool again, Pokemon invaded a new dimension on its quest to conquer ours, the Kinect became even more gimmicky, and Massachusetts declares war on our virtual wars.  All this and half past an inch more after the jump.

The Red Herb Roundup - 8/14/12: The Gamescom Edition

Talk about an overwhelming day of news, folks.  Germany’s Gamescom has kicked off and the gaming industry is doling out screenshots, footage, and announcements galore.  And when I say “galore,” I actually mean “too goddamn much to keep up with, please poke my eyes out so that I don’t short out my brain."  We…we may have different definitions of "galore.”

But like a rising phoenix shooting towards the sky or, more similarly, a great white shark leaping from the ocean so as to tell a seagull just how the fuck he feels about gravity…The Roundup has risen once more.

Crysis 3 (PC/PS3/X360 - February 2013) Have yourself a glimpse at...

Crysis 3 (PC/PS3/X360 - February 2013)

Have yourself a glimpse at some of New York City’s “Seven Wonders."  After the city was entombed beneath a nanodome (think Stephen King’s Under the Dome with more science), the streets became enveloped in an urban rainforest.  A combination of mother nature and human influence shaped seven visually distinct districts that house a cavalcade of danger.

Thing is, if you use these environments to your advantage, you become that danger.

Crysis 3 (PC/PS3/360 - 2013)

Crysis 3 (PC/PS3/360 - 2013)