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E3 Recap: Sony


Holy shit. That’s the best way to sum up the night. Not wanting to break their streak of conquering E3, Sony did what it does best and let the games take center stage. In that pursuit, they literally just let game after fucking game drop on our heads. We were bombarded by games. I have the bruises to prove it. It was magical. It was “Hideo Kojima dropping a new game” magical.

Sony, once again, made...

Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 7: A First-Person Survival Horror...

Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 7: A First-Person Survival Horror Game (in VR!)

Sony’s E3 conference was such a whirlwind, it’s hard to keep my thoughts straight. They essentially shoved a funnel down our throats and didn’t stop feeding us game after amazing game.

In the deluge of video game delights, Sony slyly announced Resident Evil 7, a brand new chapter in the storied horror series that reinvents itself from the ground up. Not only are we back to hard horror, our perspective has shifted to the first-person just to shove our noses in all the photo-realistic creepiness – brought to you by Capcom’s own RE Engine, tailor-made for the game.

You can even immerse yourself in the horror on a whole ‘nother level with full PlayStation VR integration. Sony fans will also be treated to first dibs on the game’s demo, Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, where you navigate a real fixer-upper of a cottage (to put it lightly) in events that lead into the main game. PS Plus members can access the demo now, apparently (as of this writing, on the East Coast, it hasn’t populated on the PlayStation Store… goddamnit).

Now this might just be the all out horror game we’ve been clamoring for since things took a boulder-punching turn in 2008. Either way, we don’t have too long of a wait to find out: Resident Evil 7 releases for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC January 24th, 2017.

E3 Recap: Ubisoft


I know we’re four conferences deep and I’m now just getting around to pounding some words out but we’ll gab about Ubisoft’s presser while the giraffe suit sweat is still in the air.

Ubi, hosted for the fifth consecutive year by the charming mountain of woman that is Aisha Tyler, ate up a two hour slot, and for better (From Honor!) or worse (anything not From Honor!), they brought an armory of games and announcements to the table. Remember to hit the links for some trailers (CG or otherwise). Let’s break it on down:

Doom Gameplay Footage from E3 is Head Splittingly FantasticOh,...

Doom Gameplay Footage from E3 is Head Splittingly Fantastic

Oh, goodness is it fantastic, though. I know most of you were too busy cleaning up after your Fallout induced fangasms, but Bethesda post-apocalyptic darling wasn’t the only exciting game debuted at E3 this week. id’ Software’s new Doom is easily my most anticipated shooter of 2016.

You’re not just filling Hell’s frenzied with lead – you’re...

Horizon: Zero Dawn Screens Make Me Tingle (Violently)One of the...

Horizon: Zero Dawn Screens Make Me Tingle (Violently)

One of the most impressive showings at the PlayStation E3 presser was Guerilla Games’ brand new IP Horzion: Zero Dawn. It has two names because it was twice as amazing as any game shown all E3 long.

It’s a gorgeous third-person action game set in an unbelievable open-world unlike any we’ve seen in many years. It harkens back to the originality of Sony’s first-party games back in the PS2 era. Definitely one I’ll be tracking the closer we get to playing it ourselves. (How can you not salivate over robot dinosaurs? I mean, really?)