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as-warm-as-choco: There was apparently gonna be a JURASSIC PARK...


There was apparently gonna be a JURASSIC PARK Animated Series that got cancelled: Concept Art by William Stout

Ignorance is truly bliss. Childhood ruined.


Red Herb Film Review: Jurassic World


There is no film, or any piece of media for that matter, more informative to my childhood than Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. In one masterstroke, Spielberg ushered in a new area of special effects and invented the Summer Blockbuster.

Between it and its sequel, the completely underrated Lost World (to hell with all y’all, I love that film to dino-bits), I’ve clocked over a hundred viewings of dino crises. I’ve even amounted to a dozen sitdowns with Jurassic Park III despite it being –as Malcolm would so eloquently put it – one big pile of shit.

I love all things Jurassic Park. I love dinosaurs. I especially love Spielberg’s key storytelling signature in which ordinary people are thrown into an extraordinary situation. That signature may be what makes the Jurassic Park movies so successful, even over Crichton’s source material – though the concept is rooted in a scientific ‘What If,’ Spielberg knew to place a heavier emphasis on the characters rather than the dino-jargon.

So I was Trepidation Rex when it came to another sequel, especially from a relatively untested director. JP3 had me convinced one of the most integral components to a good Jurassic Park film is parking Stevie’s magical beard behind the camera. Jurassic World has softened that opinion.

Happy Jurassic World Day, y’all!If you were born in the ‘90′s,...

Happy Jurassic World Day, y’all!

If you were born in the ‘90′s, Jurassic Park is as intertwined with your DNA as amphibian genes are spliced with Isla Nublar’s saurian inhabitants.

I saw the flick last night and, despite some narrative digressions, it’s a worthy entry that captures the spirit (if not brains) of Spielberg’s legendary original. I’ll jog down some thoughts later this weekend, but I hope you diehard dino-heads hold onto your butts and enjoy the hell of this one. Lemme know what you think of the sequel here?

An adventure 65 million bricks in the making.

An adventure 65 million bricks in the making.