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Soul Reaver: Raziel by Armiche Lora Sánchez

Legacy of Kain Property Recommissioned? This news is just a blip...

Legacy of Kain Property Recommissioned?

This news is just a blip on the radar by all accounts, but fans of the long dormant Legacy of Kain franchise may be witnessing the first baby steps towards a brand new game.

Missing in action since 2003’s Legacy of Kain: Defiance – a crossover that pitted players as both Blood Omen’s blood-sucker Kain and the life harvesting Raziel from the Soul Reaver spin-offs – the license’s current master, Square Enix, has registered the domain (no need investigating it now since the site is a husk).  Nosgoth should ring a bell for fans, it being the gothic fantasy world both series are set in.

The last we heard even an inkling about anything Kain n’ Legacy-like was nearly a year ago, when the rumor mill insinuated a Soul Reaver reboot was in development at Crystal Dynamics, the folks that brought you four outta five games in the series.

Though Raziel held a certain air of iconography (jawless-ness and all) back when the PlayStation brand ruled the world, it’s hard to imagine this War for Nosgoth not having both of Legacy’s undead poster boys make a simultaneous return to video games.

Raziel by ~Luciano Fleitas

Soul Reaver . colors by ¢greatLP