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Our First Introduction to the Nintendo SwitchIt’s Not a Portable...

Our First Introduction to the Nintendo Switch

It’s Not a Portable Console, It’s a Console That’s Portable

The veil has dropped, folks. Today, Nintendo released an introductory video to the gaming system formerly known as the NX – a home console/handheld hybrid called the Nintendo Switch.

What the Hell is It?

It’s a new platform that’s essentially a tablet with modular controllers. The tablet can be docked within a base that attaches to your TV so that you can enjoy an old fashioned home console experience.

Your two “Joy-Con” controllers – the two pieces up there featuring one joystick and four buttons each – can be attached to the “Joy-Con Grip” for more traditional play, used decoupled (sort of like the Wii’s Nunchuks), or shared independently for some quick (and rather basic) multiplayer. If the Joy-Con setup isn’t working out, or if you’re simply embarrassed having to call the damn things “Joy-Cons,” Nintendo’s making a new Pro Controller option available. Oh, joy.

Hybrid Theory

But you’re on the go, and your Splatoon addiction can no longer be confined in the cage that is your home. Here’s where it gets interesting: undock the Switch tablet and take your console game on the move. The Joy-Cons can mount to each side of the tablet for optimal handheld play. The system even has a kickstand on the back so that you can kick back and play with the Joy-Cons wirelessly.

Rockstar Announces Red Dead Redemption 2After teasing us on their...

Rockstar Announces Red Dead Redemption 2

After teasing us on their social media channels with vague imagery — a marketing ploy only Rockstar can get away with and still have the masses bubbling with excitement — a sequel to the studio’s acclaimed open-world gunslinger has officially been announced.

As the freshly launched website puts it, “Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland” from the team that brought you Grand Theft Auto V and the first Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar promises the game’s “vast and atmospheric world” will play host to a brand new online experience.

 Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to posse up until Fall 2017 when the game launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (no word on a PC release, kids). A reveal trailer for the game is set to drop online this Thursday.

There’s not much more to go on from here, partner. Rockstar is notorious for keeping details under tight wrap until they’re good and ready to reveal the info themselves. Is the game a prequel? Will the online take cues from the greatly expanded multiplayer play found in GTAV? Will we be hunting Sasquatch again? Is it weird it’s called Red Dead Redemption 2 even though it’s the third game in the series? Actually, I can answer that: yes! Stop trying to gun down Red Dead Revolver, man. You can still grab the Western that started it all as a PS2 Classic on PS4. RDR2 doesn’t come out for a year. You’ve got time.

(Article originally posted to When Nerds Attack)

Resident Evil VII – Capcom Reveals a Chilling New Trailer + An...

Resident Evil VII – Capcom Reveals a Chilling New Trailer + An Update to the Beginning Hour Demo

With Tokyo Game Show commencing today, Capcom’s got a full range of new horrors on display. Starting with another trailer (which you can peep below), “TAPE-2″ shows a host of new environments, some less dilapidated than others, and a creepy ass family sit down with the Baker clan. The footage isn’t all force-feeding and games, though, as we’re treated to our first glimpse at the game’s first-person combat. The trailer proves this drastic departure isn’t entirely abandoning its gun-centric roots.

Additionally, the game’s planned $79.99 Deluxe Edition, which includes a season pass covering two playable episodes is now tossing in a third episode, upping the version’s price to $89.99. If you already pre-ordered the PSN digital edition, you’re covered; no extra cost will be incurred. What’s in the three episodes? No clue. Though it’s probably a safe bet to assume we’ll be playing through more “tapes” like the one found in the demo.

Speaking of the demo, the PS Plus exclusive is not only being made available to all PS4 owners tomorrow, it’s getting an update. The “Twilight” version of the demo will allow players to explore previously inaccessible parts of the Baker mansion. If there isn’t a way to use that goddamn dummy finger, expect to see several Twitch streams of people fucking exploding.

Ashen Ones, Rejoice! Dark Souls III Summons Its First Expansion...

Ashen Ones, Rejoice! Dark Souls III Summons Its First Expansion in October

2016′s best reason to angrily snap a controller in two – no, not Umbrella Corps – is back with its first expansion: Ashes of Ariandel.

The first of two planned DLC additions to Dark Souls III, players are tasked to explore Ariandel, a brand new area overtaken by frozen tundra and gruesome grotesqueries. Naturally, there’s new weapons and armor to attain, new magics to master, and new enemies to get repeatedly mauled by.

Ashes of Ariandel releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 25th. The expansion can be bought standalone at $14.99 or as a part of the Season Pass for $24.99. Peep the trailer below and prepare to die. You’ve got time to get your affairs in order.

Resident Evil VII - New Screens, New Trailer, New Deranged Family...

Resident Evil VII - New Screens, New Trailer, New Deranged Family Member

Capcom has pulled back a little more of the veil on their dying-in-a-farmhouse simulator, Resident Evil VII, at Gamescom.

In addition to the screens above – which shows us even more of the Baker homestead’s untidy charm – a new gameplay trailer depicts an unknown female protagonist desperately fleeing one Marguerite Baker (you know, Jack’s wife). The gameplay appears to be another playable VHS recording like the one found in the demo – RE7′s modern spin on discovering files.

Who is the woman behind this tape? Just how many people have broken into the Dulvey mansion and filmed their own demises? Will the VR version keep making players sick? We’ll find out in January.