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Rockstar Announces Red Dead Redemption 2After teasing us on their...

Rockstar Announces Red Dead Redemption 2

After teasing us on their social media channels with vague imagery — a marketing ploy only Rockstar can get away with and still have the masses bubbling with excitement — a sequel to the studio’s acclaimed open-world gunslinger has officially been announced.

As the freshly launched website puts it, “Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland” from the team that brought you Grand Theft Auto V and the first Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar promises the game’s “vast and atmospheric world” will play host to a brand new online experience.

 Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to posse up until Fall 2017 when the game launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (no word on a PC release, kids). A reveal trailer for the game is set to drop online this Thursday.

There’s not much more to go on from here, partner. Rockstar is notorious for keeping details under tight wrap until they’re good and ready to reveal the info themselves. Is the game a prequel? Will the online take cues from the greatly expanded multiplayer play found in GTAV? Will we be hunting Sasquatch again? Is it weird it’s called Red Dead Redemption 2 even though it’s the third game in the series? Actually, I can answer that: yes! Stop trying to gun down Red Dead Revolver, man. You can still grab the Western that started it all as a PS2 Classic on PS4. RDR2 doesn’t come out for a year. You’ve got time.

(Article originally posted to When Nerds Attack)

The Rumor Mill Points to Early September Reveal for “PS4 Neo”Sony...

The Rumor Mill Points to Early September Reveal for “PS4 Neo”

Sony has already gone on the record the week before E3, confirming the existence of a higher-end PlayStation 4 unit decked out with 4K support and more powerful specs. But the buck stopped there when it came to official details on the impending console called “Neo.”

According to reports from both Vice Gaming and Gameblog, however, we’re less than a month away from an unveiling. Rather than getting an information lowdown at next month’s Tokyo Game Show as some have expected – Sony’s domestic home of Japan, if you needed reminding, dad – the company is said to be hosting an announcement event in New York City on September 7th.

The upgraded PS4′s potential specs have been some of the very first rumors tossed about the internet. Purportedly equipped with an improved GPU, higher clock speed, and boosted memory bandwidth, this PS4K is Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s dream rendition of the console (”MORE POWER!”). With PlayStation VR ready to drop onto consumers’ heads this Fall, the required framerate and stability needed to foster a non-projectile vomiting environment would call for a hardware improvement exactly like the Neo – makes one wonder if we’ll see a Neo/PSVR bundle announced at the event.

How it stacks up against Microsoft’s own souped up version of their Xbox One, Project Scorpio, is to be determined. With Sony seemingly hitting the market first, many have speculated the Scorpio will be more powerful than the Neo. If the date holds true, we’ve only a month to keep slinging speculation into the ether.

Nerd Farmcast (Feat. Me)Vegas local, and veteran controller...

Nerd Farmcast (Feat. Me)

Vegas local, and veteran controller snapper, Burke dishes with me on the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil, how despicable it is I haven’t beaten Firewatch, and our mutual hard-on for Ubisoft’s hat looting simulator The Division.

Welcome to the Umbrella Corps – an online third-person shooter...

Welcome to the Umbrella Corps – an online third-person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe

We caught a slight wind of this last month but the hurricane known as the RE2 Remake blew it the hell away.

SCEJA, a Sony-centric press conference held in Tokyo today, featured Capcom’s first unveiling of Umbrella Corps – a competitive third-person shooter planted in the Resident Evil mythos. The game’s promised to play host to fast-paced, close-quartered skirmishes in battle zones that recreate historic RE environs.

If you’re having sudden and terrible flashbacks of Operation Raccoon City, you’re not wrong (also, have a sit and let the nausea settle). “Make an online third-person shooter outta Resident Evil” was verbatim Slant Six’s mission objective on ORC. Here, though, instead of forcing a threadbare, canon breaking story into the affair, Umbrella Corps takes place in modern day, over a decade after the pharmaceutical company’s demise.

Other diabolical corporations have taken hold of Umbrella’s research and are now pitting mercenary squads against each other in virus-soaked testing grounds. Bobbing and weaving through hordes of the undead (and other happy horrors), player teams will have to master an arsenal of guns, axes, and shields to best other mercs. Savvy players won’t just dodge zombies – they’ll use them against opponents, and gadgets like the Zombie Jammer, which repels the dead from a player, will help you do just that.

Okay, on paper, it’s a solid idea. But Operation Raccoon City was a solid idea on paper too. It’s all about execution. It sounds like Capcom is trying to create a leaner, tighter experience over UC’s spiritual predecessor… but as history shows, Resident Evil’s track record for spin-off’s is horrifically mixed. Oh, the horror.

Umbrella Corps ($29.99) releases digitally sometime next year for PS4 and PC.

The Taken King Takes His Own PS4Now that’s a handsome system...

The Taken King Takes His Own PS4

Now that’s a handsome system right there.

You’ll recall the initial release of Destiny garnered itself a white – pardon me; a glacier white – PlayStation 4 bundle last year. Meet glacier white’s successor: Guardian White (you’re welcome for the name, Sony – I only ask for your graciousness… in royalties).

The Limited Edition PS4 Bundle comes with a physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition (featuring the original game and its first two expansions) and a bump up in status to the “Digital Collector’s Edition” which grants players armor shaders, an early access weapons cache, and three exotics for your Guardians. It’ll save you some grinding so that you can focus your attention on grinding.

The 500GB bundle releases the same day The Taken King does on September 15th. Sony says you’ll likely only ever be able to get this swanky ass edition this Fall. After that? You’ll have to strike against eBay, Guardians.