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15 Bullets & A Knife

Celebrating 20 Years of Resident Evil, I Look Back at the One That Started It All For Baby Kevin (Sorry, It Ain’t Part 1)

I couldn’t get past the first five minutes. A gorgeous girl in a crimson denim one-piece; a fire raging behind her, erupted from the gnarled remains of a tanker truck; a dank avenue littered with broken and abandoned cars; and half a dozen gore soaked zombies moaning into the...


alwaysthinkingofresidentevil: Resident Evil 2 (original) concept...


Resident Evil 2 (original) concept art (police station).

5 Things I Need from the Resident Evil 2 Remake


Hearing that Capcom officially commissioned a remake of 1998′s finest zombie shooting/plant cultivation simulator was a shock to my system. It’s my favorite game and, depending on who you talk to, the greatest game ever made (you’re probably talking to me at that point). Ever since 2002′s reimagining of the first Resident Evilproved you could catch lightning in a bottle twice, fans have derided...

Corporate memes feel dirty. So I did one anyway.

Corporate memes feel dirty. So I did one anyway.