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Final Fantasy XV: Quick Impressions


I’ve beaten Square Enix’s ten-years-in-the-making magnum opus. I do eventually want to write a review, and doubtless it’ll be a long-winded opus in and of itself since I have a ton I want to say, but I thought I’d share some quick impressions now that I’ve resurfaced from my sixty hour journey into a world of magical beings and stupid anime haircuts. Mostly to collect my thoughts on my time with...

Bethesda Announces Fallout 4It’s finally confirmed. Bethesda...

Bethesda Announces Fallout 4

It’s finally confirmed. Bethesda Softworks officially announced the long awaited sequel to 2008′s popular post-apocalyptic hit – Fallout 4.

Focusing on a new Vault dweller, emerged from Vault 111, the rumored setting of The Commonwealth, or Fallout’s irradiated version of Boston, is confirmed as our new wasteland. Fallout 3 fans may recall a mission in that game concerning androids run amok, having escaped from “The Institute” – i.e. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology – which served as our first lowdown of The Commonwealth.

Besides a percolating trailer, there’s not much more to go on. Obviously, Bethesda is building off of the gameplay foundation found in Fallout 3, a title which reimagined the series as a massively open-world, first-person RPG. What’s changed (except war, because war never changes) won’t begin to be revealed until Bethesda shows off gameplay on June 14 during E3.

Fallout 4 is being developed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The Inquisition is Coming in October Bioware’s flame licked...

The Inquisition is Coming in October

Bioware’s flame licked fantasy jewel is back with a dragon-y vengeance, and we’ve but one season to wait out for it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be bringing on the fantasy RPG/virtual romancing action fans have come to love October 7th, 2014. While this Third Age of Dragons will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360, Inquisitionalso marks Bioware’s very first foray...

Fallout 4… LIVES! No hoax this time, wastelanders. Thanks to...

Fallout 4… LIVES!

No hoax this time, wastelanders. Thanks to leaked casting call documents, the next Fallout has been outed.

If you’re still mending the radiation burns that whole TheSurvivor2299 debacle gave you, your Skully-worthy wall of skepticism is understandable. Here’s the facts: Kotaku was sent the documents in question, which include dialogue scripts and character bios.

Unsurprisingly, the docs are not labeled “FALLOUT 4 BY BETHESDA” in neon red ink. The project is actually referred to as “The Institute.” But evidence stacks to the sky in favor of its true identity; there’s numerous references to locations either shown or named in previous Fallout’s, the casting director for “The Institute” happens to be the same person that cast for Dishonored and Skyrim, and in one monologue, the franchise infamous line “War… War never changes” is uttered.

A lot of info gathered in the documents also pieces together rumblings spanning the year since Fallout 4 rumors began to kick up. You might recall news of Bethesda’s dev team doing some location scouting at Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology some time back. MIT – already having played a small part in Fallout 3, though called, wouldntchaknowit?, The Institute – features as a setting for a mission.

The Commonwealth, which is the name bequeathed to the remnants of Massachusetts in series lore, was also rumored way back as the mused over setting for the next Fallout. The Commonwealth, of course, is name checked along with other series specific settings.

It’s all a pretty goddamn convincing argument for the existence of Fallout 4 (or, rather, whatever it will eventually be called). Of course Bethesda denied to comment on the leak, and until then, I cannot in good journalistic conscience say Fallout 4 is official.

The fuck am I saying? Journalists have no consciences! Fallout 4 is happening, folks. Crack open a dusty Nuka-Cola and celebrate. (In the event this is another great yank on our chain, please place your blame solely on Kotaku. See what I mean about the no conscience bit?)

Gearbox and 2K Holding a $100,000 Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt Yes,...

Gearbox and 2K Holding a $100,000 Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt

Yes, there’s plenty of in-game loot to be had the duration of this contest, but that hundred grand ain’t Pandora currency. It’s real world dollars that could be yours so long as you can follow the simple instructions of shooting something’s face off every week.

Beginning October 11th, and continuing every week for four weeks straight, targets will be designated within the Borderlands; your goal is take an assigned weapon and administer death to designated target. Every kill of these special enemies will count as an entry towards winning either that week’s cash pool – the final week amounting to a $50,000 prize…that’s a helluva haul – or one of the very bodacious sponsored items up above.

Unfortunately for my friends abroad, real life prizes are restricted to the U.S. But in-game loot, of which rarer goods will be in abundance during the contest, are being made available worldwide.

Oh, and in case you’ve somehow avoided the shootin’, lootin’ fun n’ gun action of Borderlands up to this point, Gearbox just so happens to be releasing Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition on October 8th. It comes packed with all four major DLC campaigns and both bonus character classes. If you despise fun, I recommend staying way the hell away from it.

Contest rules and target goals hereabouts, Vault Hunters!