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The Rumor Mill Points to Early September Reveal for “PS4 Neo”Sony...

The Rumor Mill Points to Early September Reveal for “PS4 Neo”

Sony has already gone on the record the week before E3, confirming the existence of a higher-end PlayStation 4 unit decked out with 4K support and more powerful specs. But the buck stopped there when it came to official details on the impending console called “Neo.”

According to reports from both Vice Gaming and Gameblog, however, we’re less than a month away from an unveiling. Rather than getting an information lowdown at next month’s Tokyo Game Show as some have expected – Sony’s domestic home of Japan, if you needed reminding, dad – the company is said to be hosting an announcement event in New York City on September 7th.

The upgraded PS4′s potential specs have been some of the very first rumors tossed about the internet. Purportedly equipped with an improved GPU, higher clock speed, and boosted memory bandwidth, this PS4K is Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s dream rendition of the console (”MORE POWER!”). With PlayStation VR ready to drop onto consumers’ heads this Fall, the required framerate and stability needed to foster a non-projectile vomiting environment would call for a hardware improvement exactly like the Neo – makes one wonder if we’ll see a Neo/PSVR bundle announced at the event.

How it stacks up against Microsoft’s own souped up version of their Xbox One, Project Scorpio, is to be determined. With Sony seemingly hitting the market first, many have speculated the Scorpio will be more powerful than the Neo. If the date holds true, we’ve only a month to keep slinging speculation into the ether.

E3 Recap: Sony


Holy shit. That’s the best way to sum up the night. Not wanting to break their streak of conquering E3, Sony did what it does best and let the games take center stage. In that pursuit, they literally just let game after fucking game drop on our heads. We were bombarded by games. I have the bruises to prove it. It was magical. It was “Hideo Kojima dropping a new game” magical.

Sony, once again, made...

#20YearsOfPlayOn this day, September 9, 1995, the original Sony...


On this day, September 9, 1995, the original Sony PlayStation released in North America, giving gamers a new bastion for worlds to discover and memories to cherish. Ever since, PlayStation – which was actually conceived as a CD-ROM add-on to the Super Nintendo – has served as a gaming institution audiences the world over instantly recognize and adore.

I was a tad late to the game. It wasn’t until the PS One, a redesigned version of the PlayStation that shed its boxy corners for rounded curves, that I joined the PlayStation family. My first two games for the console were Dino Crisis and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. I was ten.

Some of my absolute fondest experiences in video gaming were had on the PlayStation. Be it becoming a member of SeeD and going on a journey across continents in Final Fantasy VIII, to leveling cities in insane auto-combat in Twisted Metal 2, PlayStation is one of the first beacons I had on my path to being a lifelong gamer.

What was your first PlayStation game?

PlayStation Booth – PAX Prime 2015

PlayStation Booth – PAX Prime 2015

mad7md: Numbers sold worldwide I shit you not, I knew people that...


Numbers sold worldwide

I shit you not, I knew people that owned PS2’s without even fucking realizing it. Brush some dust off a media center – BOOM– there’s a PS2 there. There’s always been a PS2 there.

My parents used my old one for years, renaming it “the DVD player.”