The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Is Spectacularly Un-amazing So,...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Is Spectacularly Un-amazing

So, here, I present to you the second official trailer for Beenox’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The first was a teaser trailer, which is a lot like someone slapping a slice of hot pizza out of your hand just as you’re bringing it to your mouth, so it doesn’t count in my book.

Let me power through some preamble: Spider-Man’s my favorite superhero, bar none. Beenox, despite some blemishes (I mean Edge of Time), has delivered on some pretty entertaining Spidey outings.

Though not flawless, their original Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in was fantastic fun; webslinging was awesome, the Web Rush system worked in a snap, the combat was… well, mediocre. But the game got a lot right. Open-world and Spider-Man is a winning combo hard to stray from. It was goddamned ridiculous that you were literally able to sweep New York City clean of crime in the endgame – leaving you with jack and shit to do besides use the game as a webslinging simulator – but still, fond spot for the effort.

But this trailer for ASM2 is just off somehow. The graphics are unpleasant, the lighting is murky, and Spidey moves around as if someone swapped his skeleton for a wire hanger. The footage just zapped my excitement for the game. I didn’t envision Spidey’s first swing onto next-gen to look this woefully unpolished, especially for a game that’s only got a few months before it’s in the can.

The whole “Alpha-Beard Kraven trains Pete to be a hunter” bit; that could work. It doesn’t restrict the game to the film’s plot and is a fun little play on an old rivalry. In theory, there’s hope here. Beenox hasn’t put out anything truly dismal under the Spider-Man brand yet. Yet. I’ll keep an eye on it for you, web-heads.

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