The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS/DS/PC/PS3/Wii/X360 - June 26th)...

The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS/DS/PC/PS3/Wii/X360 - June 26th)

Beenox’s new Spider-Man foray came out of E3 with positive endorsements from those that got to demo it.  Some even went as far as to liken the game’s counter-based combat to Rocksteady’s Batman games.  The comparisons will have to end there until we actually get to take a spin in the red n’ blues ourselves.

It’s disheartening to hear that not a single member of Mark Webb’s principal cast has anything to do with the game, but the presence of Bruce Campbell makes up for their absence entirely.  His casting also serves as a bridge in gamers’ minds to the open world Spidey games that have been unfairly benched for the last couple of years, which Campbell narrated in.

Because if you hear Bruce, you’ve either died a warrior’s death at his hands or are playing a free roam Spider-Man game.  Both are joyous.

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