The Evil Within - Extended Gameplay Video Man, these ex-Capcom...

The Evil Within - Extended Gameplay Video

Man, these ex-Capcom employees are on a rampage. First Keiji Inafune decides to make a “spiritual successor” to Mega Man that looks more like Son of Mega Man than anything else. Now, Shinji Mikami is making a survival horror title that’s practically the Resident Evil sequel he/we always wanted.

But where our investigation of the Spencer Estate went crazy, Det. Sebastian Castellanos’ jaunt through an abandoned asylum goes psychotically batshit fucking insane. The asylum is decorated in equal parts blood and shadows. A malevolent, mute brute spends his time mincing up still moving bodies when he’s not relentlessly barreling after you with a chainsaw. The building shakes and contorts, both pulling you deeper into its madness while trapping you within it more and more.

This is hard, roving terror at its finest. I’ve got twelve minutes of gameplay here that’ll remind you survival horror once meant you were screwed from the get-go yet, irrationally, you pressed on into the dark anyway.

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