The Good, the Bad, & the Beyond (This Console Generation)...

The Good, the Bad, & the Beyond (This Console Generation)

Images keep finding their way to the internet’s surface for Beyond Good & Evil 2.  The game fell into obscurity for the most part of this generation, but now rumblings from the title’s creative force say the sequel is chugging along just fine…Only that, we’ll never see it this console era.

“I can say that it’s a very ambitious game and we need some tech to achieve that ambition,” according to Ubisoft’s own Michel Ancel (Rayman’s father).  As far as selecting which hardware the game will run on or even when we’ll see it release, Ancel says those decisions are way up in the air, the team opting to focus on simply completing the sequel.

Technical limitations kept BG&E2 away from this console cycle, but the team is confident there will be console contender worthy enough next generation for the game to call home.

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