The Inquisition is Coming in October Bioware’s flame licked...

The Inquisition is Coming in October

Bioware’s flame licked fantasy jewel is back with a dragon-y vengeance, and we’ve but one season to wait out for it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be bringing on the fantasy RPG/virtual romancing action fans have come to love October 7th, 2014. While this Third Age of Dragons will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360, Inquisition also marks Bioware’s very first foray onto next-gen platforms.

As such, B-Ware isn’t resting on its laurels; this sequel plays host to a number of changes meant to overhaul the series, including a blend of DA: Origins’ and Dragon Age II’s combat mechanics, vicious, environment razing AI, and an expanded open-world.

Despite its following, I feel as if Dragon Age has yet to hit its stride with the gaming public. It’s obvious Bioware craves the Skyrim crowd. If Inquisition can pull off that alchemist’s blend of dragon-bashing thrills and boundless freedom, making a footprint on next-gen before Bethesda does could very well push their property into the lead (unless Skyrim ports to next-gen; then they’re screwed).

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