The Red Herb's Resident Evil: Damnation Giveaway

Good lord, Resident Evil 6 is nearly upon us, folks.  One more weekend and we’ll get to pistol whip the hell out of zombies until our hearts are content.  In celebration of the game’s impending launch, we wanted to pay tribute to you, loyal friends of the Herb.

A little ol’ CG diddy by the name of Resident Evil: Damnation came out on video this week centering on U.S. Agent Leon S. Kennedy and his immaculate hair as they partner up to battle bio-terrorism in a war torn Eastern European nation.  In a nutshell, Leon beats his enemies into submission with dickish sarcasm and he falls in love with a licker.  It’s fantastic and you should own it.  Here’s how you can score a free digital copy on us:

Simply send us a message that says “DAMNATION” before 12:00 A.M. EST on October 1st and we’ll randomly select a winner from the bunch.  The winner will have the passcode and download instructions sent to their inbox in the morning so keep your eyes on that eensy envelope on your dash.

That’s right, you don’t have to like, follow, reblog, or any of that nonsense.  Just message in by Monday night and Resident Evil: Damnation is intangibly yours, courtesy of The Red Herb (and, uh, Capcom and Sony Pictures, but mostly The Red Herb.)

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