The Reddening Behold the arduous process of turning my 360 into a...

The Reddening

Behold the arduous process of turning my 360 into a console more befitting of The Red Herb.  Missed out on the limited Resident Evil 5 edition of the system back in ‘09 thanks to a sudden affliction of joblessness (fuck you very much, Gamestop).  Recently, though, I got my hands on this fine shell and decided to put my shoulder to the wheel and tear apart my horrifically dusty console (and, to my surprise, found a whole cat lodged inside).

The undertaking lasted 'bout ten minutes – would’ve taken closer to five if I wasn’t snapping useless pictures.  I pondered making a How To but, really, what the hell for?  There’s a million informative videos on YouTube detailing significantly crazier shit than cracking an Xbox and slapping a shell on it.  The best Pro Tip I can impart is picking up this Opening Tool.  It includes a little allen key perfect for those T8/T10 sized security screws (when I did console repairs, you’d find those screws stripped to hell because the kids who’d rip open their Xbox’s didn’t have the right screwdriver).

I’m still on the fence about the disc tray being white, I’d prefer either chrome or simply painting the thing black to nicely offset the red.  Knowing me and my bottomless pit of laziness, I’ll likely leave the thing untouched and allow another pound of dust to gather on it.  But, hey, at least I got that red part down pat.

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