The Walking Dead: 400 Days Drops This Week - Seriously, This Week...

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Drops This Week - Seriously, This Week

I’m thinking more companies need to follow Telltale’s example when it comes to release date announcements.  The rising star of a development studio has revealed that 400 Days, a DLC add-on to the acclaimed first season of their Walking Dead game, is coming at us this very week.

Yeah, the date reveal is the same week as the game releases.  Pessimists can take it as a belated date announcement – the rest of us are too friggin’ stoked about more TWD to really give a shit.

Instead of a rushed epilogue to the succinctly perfect narrative of Season One, 400 Days introduces a five-set of new faces as they weather the first thirteen grueling and gruesome months of the widespread zombie outbreak The Walking Dead fiction focuses on.

Meant to bridge the gap between the first five episodes and the upcoming Season Two, your choices from Season One are said to affect the events of 400 Days.  After completing 400 Days, keep that save handy since your new choices will spitball even more and directly correlate into Season Two.

400 Days – which will require Season One’s data to be present – begins rolling out on multiple platforms this entire week for just $4.99.  Check the (domestic) apocalyptic agenda below:

  • PSN - Tuesday, July 2nd
  • PC/Mac - Wednesday, July 3rd
  • XBLA - Friday, July 5th

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