The Walking Dead Game Going Retail in December, Episode 5...

The Walking Dead Game Going Retail in December, Episode 5 Releasing Next Month

If you’ve stayed your hand from immediately downloading each and every single episode of Telltale Games’ story focused, choice driven adaptation of The Walking Dead comics, than you’re in luck come December 4th.

Bundling all five intangible episodes onto one disc, you can pick up The Walking Dead: The Game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in one of two sets: either the $29.99 standard edition or the $69.99 Collector’s Edition which features original artwork by Charlie Adlard (the artist behind most of the comic’s run) along with The Walking Dead Compendium One, a gigantic tome collecting issues 1 through 48 of Robert Kirkman’s perpetual apocalypse.

The catch here is that both editions are branded Gamestop exclusives as far as retail goes, plus the Collector’s set is currently only being offered to those who pre-order it, so just like essential medical and food goods in a foraged market after the plague hits, don’t expect this edition to be simply sitting on shelves.

For those of you who have already collected Episodes 1-4 on your hard drives, Telltale has announced the closing chapter of their video game saga, “No Time Left,” is set to release digitally in November.

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