Tony Hawk Shows Chris Cole Video Games for the First Time with...

Tony Hawk Shows Chris Cole Video Games for the First Time with Pro Skater HD

What happens when a franchise takes a nose dive after peddling bullshitty peripherals and tired gameplay?  It goes back to square one and rehashes the breadwinners in the series, of course.  But I’d be an indignant liar if I said I wasn’t excited to return to the levels and gameplay that kicked off my score addiction that ended with me grinding my virtual deck across any and all surfaces Neversoft created.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD gussies up the original game’s visuals and condenses a greatest hits of fan favorite levels from the first two Pro Skaters into one downloadable package hitting PSN and XBLA this summer.  The creator of skateboarding (editor’s note: No), Tony Hawk himself, has a sit down session in the video above with fellow board professional, Chris Cole, and teaches him the way of the rail.

We catch a glimpse of classic gameplay and locales that instantly recall the the hundreds of hours burned up shouting at the gaming gods after I bailed out of a seven digit combo.  Let the misery begin again (in HD!).

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