Ubisoft Shows Off Black Flag’s DLC Campaign: Freedom Cry...

Ubisoft Shows Off Black Flag’s DLC Campaign: Freedom Cry

Shipwrecked, abandoned, and unarmed, you assume the role of Adewale, a former slave that found unbound freedom as a pirate. Having served under Captain Edward Kenway as his first mate, Adewale received more than a crash course in piracy – he’s also an adept assassin.

Picking up fifteen years after the events of Black Flag, Adewale is stuck in the French controlled colony of Saint-Domingue where he’s forced to gather resources, persuade locals to join his crew, and, ultimately, jack his own ship. But his past catches up with him and soon enough Adewale begins fighting for the colony’s oppressed, hoping to share the freedom he took for himself in adolescence.

Freedom Cry will be a part of Assassin’s Creed IV’s newly announced Season Pass ($19.99), which’ll include a bevy of multiplayer content, and will be made available as soon as the game releases on Oct. 29th. Adewale’s nine-mission campaign doesn’t have a locked in date but the Season Pass’ full lineup of content is expected out between launch and March of next year.

Check out the Freedom Cry Trailer right hereabouts.

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