VG Trailer Park

Some days I wake up, check Reddit, and say to myself, “Who put all these goddamn trailers here?"  And, thus, a new feature was born out of both necessity and an insatiable need to make it look like there’s content on this site.  Welcome to VG Trailer Park, folks.


Dying Light [E3 2013 Trailer]

Missed out on Techland’s Dying Light reveal about a week or so back?  Well, imagine the game as what you’d get if you married off the studio’s own Dead Island with the first-person free-running of Mirror’s Edge. What you get is something relentlessly paced and incredibly promising.

Despite its cult-status success, Dead Island certainly hasn’t won over the hordes – with an intriguing night/day gameplay mechanic and a focus on survival over clobbering, Dying Light might be the wildfire hit Techland’s been trying to make for years.


Injustice: Gods Among Us [Scorpion History Trailer]

Try to put those terrible flashbacks of Mortal Kombat vs. DCU out of your mind.  Injustice, as I’ve said before, is the tits.  The best parts of MK9 lay the foundation for the greatest DC brawling experience around.  Now, MK is infecting Injustice even more with the inclusion of everyone’s favorite undead ninja, Scorpion, as DLC.

It would’ve been painfully easy and mightily cheap to just port Scorps as is from MK9 but, thankfully, Ed Boon and his NetherRealm crew have souls.  Featuring a killer redesign by comic great Jim Lee, Scorpion invades the good ol’ DCU with a new assortment of moves and devastating combos.  This is the crossover we deserved when a coked up Warner exec decided to mash MK and DC all those years ago.


Thief [E3 2013 Trailer]

Ayuh, another CG concept trailer.  One day publishers will figure out the gaming masses will take a straight up gameplay trailer over one of these eleven times out of ten.  Does that make the master thief Garrett’s return any less exciting?  Don’t be a silly bastard; of course it doesn’t.  Though, those burned by the recasting of Garrett (formally played by Stephen Russell) might have trouble adjusting to the new actor narrating this spot.

Originally conceived as Thief 4, this next-gen reboot will be spinning in drives when 2014 rolls around.


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z [E3 2013 Trailer]

This is…all right, this is a strange one.  Set (somewhat) within the Ninja Gaiden universe, you’re Yaiba Kamikaze, a ninja warrior that saw his life come to a quick and bloody end at the hands of Ryu Hayabusa.  But where life ends, revenge fueled unlife begins with Yaiba setting out on a extraordinarily violent quest to bury his sword into Ryu.

What makes this zombie filled, mindless hack n’ slash even remotely interesting?  Well, former Capcom mastermind Keiji Inafune has stepped out of the shadows and into the director’s chair on this project.  Plus, the line "Honor and death go together like hot sauce and my balls” was all the motivation I needed to shove this stylistic, No More Heroes-esque game right into my radar.

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