Warner Bros. Confirms a New Mortal Kombat Film is in the Works...

Warner Bros. Confirms a New Mortal Kombat Film is in the Works

What began as one fan’s well produced proof of concept for a modernistic take on the Mortal Kombat mythos has spit balled and grown in popularity enough to resurface plans to put the bloodiest fighting game of all time back on the big screen.

Following the success of Mortal Kombat: Legacy – a season’s worth of web episodes revolving around famed kombatants from series lore and their motivations for fighting in the titular tournament – Warner Bros. has commissioned Legacy’s champion and director, Kevin Tancharoen, to head up directorial duties once more on a feature length film based on his rebooted vision.

We caught wind of a film awhile back (stricken with chronic fanboyism, Tancharoen could hardly contain his excitement for the project), but this official byline from WB executive Lance Sloan placed a stamp of confirmation on the project.  Sloan estimates the film’s budget around a healthy $40 to $50 million dollars.  Plot details are thin, yet a synopsis detailing a super-powered supermarket employee’s choice between the fight for or against evil seems to be circling the rumor drain (let’s, uh, let’s pray that’s not an accurate description of the film, especially given Legacy’s serious-if-not-faithful take on the game’s story).

Even with his attention elsewhere, Tanchareon swears production on a Season 2 of MK: Legacy (which, as of July, has already finished being written and is set to reintroduce the world to Liu Kang in all his bicycle kickin’ glory) would go uninterrupted by the upcoming film.

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