Watch_Dogs - “Alone” Gameplay I’m learning that Watch Dogs has...

Watch_Dogs - “Alone” Gameplay

I’m learning that Watch Dogs has tons of surprises hiding about Chicago’s virtualized nooks and alleyways. The Digital Trips rank as my favorite discoveries.

The idea is a trench-coated individual of loose morals sells you basically a VR acid trip. Why Aiden Pearce considers tripping virtual balls in the middle of his revenge-quest a worthwhile pursuit is anyone’s guess and, secondly, who cares? He gets to play psychotropically induced mini-games that exist in his head, which is basically what video games will be next-next generation.

This is “Alone,” where Aiden blows up darkness spewing generators guarded by laser-shooting androids with surveillance cameras for heads. So, yeah, your standard acid trip. The kind of high five the person who came up with Alone deserves would shatter every bone in their hand. Here’s a snippet of my time battling this Philip K. Dickian nightmare-verse.

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