What’s Microsoft Up To? A Subscription Based Xbox 360? How would...

What’s Microsoft Up To?  A Subscription Based Xbox 360?

How would you feel about a 4GB Xbox 360 bundled together with a Kinect sensor for the low price of $99?  That’s a saving of two-hundred dollars!

But there’s a catch, friend.  In order to take that cheap, cheap bundle off of Microsoft’s hands, there’s sort of an eensy bit of a contractual obligation to take care of – for two years straight.  The subscription fee Xbox would cost you about $15 bucks a month, netting you Xbox Live access and potentially other exclusives (like deals from cable providers) and comes with a two-year warranty as well as the looming threat of a cancellation fee if you decide to cut payments with Microsoft.

The company itself has refused to comment on the possible subscribed bundle, but if the report over at The Verge is to be believed, we could see this $99 Xbox as soon as next week.  The Verge also points out that while the package is discounted at purchase, when compared to buying the full cost bundle now with two years of Xbox Live, it’s still fucking cheaper than riding out 24 months with the new bundle and subscription.

Despite that, tell a person he can make a quick buck today but make more if he waits, that person is still liable to defy reason and go for the instant gratification.  If this subscription bundle is the real deal, Microsoft knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to ensnaring more victims customers.

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