XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC/PS3/Xbox 360) I’m not quick to venture...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC/PS3/Xbox 360)

I’m not quick to venture into the RTS space, but my idol, TV’s Fox Mulder, would chastise me for turning my nose up at global alien invasion.  Don’t confuse this version of XCOM for the first-person shooter reboot previously announced (and likely sacked into dormancy).  The follow-up to the tactical PC series takes the best of old X-COM and puts it somewhere new; on your cherished home consoles.

This quasi re-imagining falls in step with the original titles so closely that it shouldn’t be surprising the earliest incarnation of this game began life as a complete recreation of 1994’s Enemy Unknown.  Delve a little deeper with footage and insight from developer Firaxis, and expect to ward off the impending alien menace later this year.

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