You Should Feel Like You’re Playing a Resident Evil Game “You’ll...

You Should Feel Like You’re Playing a Resident Evil Game

“You’ll still have Resident Evil-style situations where you have a shotgun with only two shells in it and you have to make sure you make it count. Those elements will come into play in the real flow of the game when you get to this point, and we think that’s what survival horror is all about. ‘Can I live through this situation with the resources I have at hand?’ You should feel like that, like you’re playing a Resident Evil game.”

Resident Evil 6’s producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, in an interview with PlayStation.Blog

I like the way you move, Yoshi.  I’m also quite in love with the notion that the game’s crossover system – which features multiple perspectives across multiple scenarios – finds its roots in the A and B scenarios that make Resident Evil 2 such an absolute standout in the series to this day.  Capcom keeps feeding me delicious, fan-serving words yet all the footage I’ve seen is of characters rolling around on the ground discharging rounds or unleashing a barrage of melee on enemies.

RE6 will remain enigmatic at least until next month’s Xbox 360 demo (I wouldn’t ask of you to buy Dragon’s Dogma if you didn’t want it, but if you do, I’ll totally lend you out my pawn.  Ellie has a 4 out of 5 attractiveness rating.  Not bragging, just sayin’.)  Expect impressions to follow.

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