Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3/PSV/360 - Autumn 2012)...

Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3/PSV/360 - Autumn 2012)

Despite having owned both titles in this obscure series, my memories of blasting through their run-times is fuzzy at best.  Many days past, after my PS2 began dressing itself in dust, the game cycled out of my collection.  That’s why I’m glad Konami decided to re-cash-in on the franchise as I now get to fill in the gaps in my gameplay memory and witness those sweet, sweet particle effects in HD.

Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid HD bundle was tastefully manufactured, giving me hope that we’ll see an encore in quality when Zone of the Enders returns to a console near you.  Lord knows I could use a palette wash after the butchery Silent Hill underwent when the HD process was hastily administered.  Sometimes when you strive for HD beauty, things can get downright ugly.

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