#20YearsOfPlayOn this day, September 9, 1995, the original Sony...


On this day, September 9, 1995, the original Sony PlayStation released in North America, giving gamers a new bastion for worlds to discover and memories to cherish. Ever since, PlayStation – which was actually conceived as a CD-ROM add-on to the Super Nintendo – has served as a gaming institution audiences the world over instantly recognize and adore.

I was a tad late to the game. It wasn’t until the PS One, a redesigned version of the PlayStation that shed its boxy corners for rounded curves, that I joined the PlayStation family. My first two games for the console were Dino Crisis and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. I was ten.

Some of my absolute fondest experiences in video gaming were had on the PlayStation. Be it becoming a member of SeeD and going on a journey across continents in Final Fantasy VIII, to leveling cities in insane auto-combat in Twisted Metal 2, PlayStation is one of the first beacons I had on my path to being a lifelong gamer.

What was your first PlayStation game?

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