A New Chapter for Alan Wake in 2013? “It’s all true. ‘It will...

A New Chapter for Alan Wake in 2013?

“It’s all true. ‘It will happen again, in another town, a town called Ordinary.’ It’s happening now.”

That cryptic line was Tweeted by a Mr. Sam Lake – the writer behind the scribe when it comes to anything Alan Wake – earlier last year, serving as one of several hints a full-on Wake sequel was being developed at Remedy Games.  Now, on the series’ official Facebook page, the studio is hinting at “even greater Remedy news to come in 2013…”

Actually, the full status update includes, “The new year starts with good news: Alan Wake Franchise is -75% on Steam,” but some proper investigating (I clicked the link) reveals the franchise is only 50% off.  If you can shake off the stinging pain of being egregiously lied to, the bundle scores you the entirety of the original Alan Wake along with the solid quasi-sequel American Nightmare for just $19.99.

If you’re not sure why people make such a fuss about what essentially amounts to Twin Peaks: The Game, let alone why people perk up at the potential of an Alan Wake 2, then guide twenty-regret-free dollars to this sale.

In the meantime, we can only sit and wait to see what Remedy considers “greater news."  Alan Wake 2, be it on current consoles or apart of the next-gen’s first wave, is the good news I’m hoping for.  But bottle your expectations, folks.  Remedy could just be gearing up an Alan Wake Monopoly reveal for all we know.  Keep attentive as this page-turner develops.

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