Activision Announces a New Walking Dead Video Game (No, Not That...

Activision Announces a New Walking Dead Video Game (No, Not That One)

Despite Telltale Games’ half-comic/half-show Walking Dead adventure games only being a third of the way complete on their episodic run, Activision is planning to release a first-person shooter take on the franchise that abandons Robert Kirkman’s comic-verse in favor of the hit AMC show’s canon.

Dropping for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime next year, The Walking Dead video game focuses on brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon on their crimson soaked journey to Atlanta (wherein which both comic and television fans can attest to serious shit going down).  Players control Daryl and his survivalist arsenal of found weapons and – not to break gaming’s latest trend – trusty bow gun.

If you didn’t know, the apocalypse is a rough time to tough out, and as such you’ll have to scrounge and conserve supplies including food, water, and precious, precious ammo.  Daryl will encounter fellow survivors and even allow them to join your party, but it’s hinted you’ll have to be careful who you trust to get your back – keep in mind it’s also just as easy to leave them behind (mmm zombie drama, it fuels me).  I wish I had more to report but there’s little else in the way of info besides this teaser site, unfortunately.  Expect that to change soon.

Activision has set developer Terminal Reality loose on the zombified mythos, and hopefully their connection to Kinect Star Wars doesn’t make you nervous (i.e. It should).  Macabre scenery and undead headshots are pretty difficult to mess up in the world of gaming but there’s a mountain of expectation riding on this title because of the namesake alone.  In other words, we’ll see how this one plays out.

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