Aliens: Colonial Marines - New, Redeeming Trailer and Season Pass...

Aliens: Colonial Marines - New, Redeeming Trailer and Season Pass Info

Gearbox has once more let loose a new trailer for their canonized, video game sequel to 1986’s Aliens, and thank Weyland for that because the recent “Kick Ass” Trailer was so tremendously shitty, it had the distinction of being the only piece of marketing to actually jam a hazy cloud of doubt into my head about Colonial Marines.

This two-minute spot is a return to form, though, and gives us yet another atmospheric taste of the game’s competitive multiplayer, including insights into some of the abilities both camps – Xeno and Marine – are outfitted with.  Running and gunning won’t be a prevailing strategy when the enemy can swarm you from just about every dark, dank crevice, so you know the drill; assholes and elbows, people!

Moving on, a recent Gamestop listing has shed some light on a mixed blessing of news: Colonial Marines will have a Season Pass accompanying its release, priced at $30.  More content is always good on paper, but I don’t take kindly to the fact that getting the most out of my game also means having the most taken out of my wallet – $90 if you’re just nabbing a standard copy and the pass.

Much like Borderlands 2’s setup, this Season Pass scores you four separate content packs planned for a spread out release between March and sometime in the Summer of 2013.  No exact specifics were spilled regarding the content packs, but fans can expect both campaign and multiplayer add-on’s including new maps, new modes, and items for character customization.  With each DLC at $10 a pop, you’ll save yourself a tenner by springing for the Season Pass.

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