Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Launches October 23rdUPDATED: Official...

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Launches October 23rd

UPDATED: Official Debut Trailer and Pre-Alpha Gameplay videos added. Okay, it’s looking rather sick. Redemption for the shit-show that was Unity? Time’ll tell, guv.

Victorian London truly is the next setting for the now long-running Ubisoft blockbuster.

You’ll control the siblings Frye, a brother-sister duo bonded by blood and bloodshed. Navigating the largest open-world in an AC game yet – but, really, they say that every year – players can switch freely between Jacob and Evie to wipe the streets of London clean of Templar influence.

The twins won’t be alone, though, since they’ll make historical bros out of real life figures like writer Charlie Dickens and famed biologist Chuck Darwin (he’d let me call him Chuck if he were alive, trust me).

Syndicate releases worldwide on PS4 and Xbox this October, a PC port follows behind later in the Fall. Voice your opinions, friends. Excited? Dreadfully bored with the series?

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