Batman: Arkham Knight Launches TonightLike you needed a reminder....

Batman: Arkham Knight Launches Tonight

Like you needed a reminder. I’m so excited, I don’t even need nipples on my batsuit to show it. Early reviews pouring in are mostly positive (act surprised). One bane of contention is the addition of Bat’s wheels. The driving components have been described anywhere ranging from “amazing” to “irresponsibly out of character for Batman.”

Well, the Batmobile morphs into a friggin’ tank, very much in the same vein as Bale Bat’s military inspired ride from Batman Begins. Batman uses his Bat-Tank to pacify Gotham’s seedier element by non-lethally blowing them to hell with missiles. It’s not very traditional Batman, sure. But if it’s “The Goddamn Batman” we’re talking about, it’s par for the course. I’m completely about that.

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