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Red Herb Review - Batman: Arkham Knight


“If gliding over the city, elbow smashing thugs, and pulling turbo-charged donuts in the Batmobile is the currency of Arkham Knight, I was richer than Bruce Wayne.

Rocksteady’s amalgamation universe of the Batman mythos is still one of the most respectful, top quality adaptations of any comic character to date…”

“I am here to dislocate shoulders and love my parents, and I’m...

“I am here to dislocate shoulders and love my parents, and I’m fresh out of parents." 

 - The Batman

“Gotham needs something more, something worse… to defend her. She...

“Gotham needs something more, something worse… to defend her. She needs a new myth, a legend more powerful than I can be right now.

A legend that can only rise from the ashes of the Batman.”

Batman: Arkham Knight Launches TonightLike you needed a reminder....

Batman: Arkham Knight Launches Tonight

Like you needed a reminder. I’m so excited, I don’t even need nipples on my batsuit to show it. Early reviews pouring in are mostly positive (act surprised). One bane of contention is the addition of Bat’s wheels. The driving components have been described anywhere ranging from “amazing” to “irresponsibly out of character for Batman.”

Well, the Batmobile morphs into a friggin’ tank, very much in the same vein as Bale Bat’s military inspired ride from Batman Begins. Batman uses his Bat-Tank to pacify Gotham’s seedier element by non-lethally blowing them to hell with missiles. It’s not very traditional Batman, sure. But if it’s “The Goddamn Batman” we’re talking about, it’s par for the course. I’m completely about that.

Rocksteady Shares Some More Details on Arkham Knight Season...

Rocksteady Shares Some More Details on Arkham Knight Season Pass

Still Wants $40

Rocksteady Games, the darlings of the superhero-to-game world (the only darlings, in fact), stepped in it with the announcement of a $40 Season Pass accompanying the release of their farewell to Arkham’s Dark Knight.

Announcing planned DLC before a game even releases is touchy business – which, amazingly, hasn’t stopped AAA studios from milking that cow bone dry – but the steep price point paired with vague information regarding the provided content put Bat-fans into a full-on BW brood.

In an attempt to assuage the masses, RG has released a bit of a lowdown on what to expect out of the Season Pass, which’ll see content drops once a month over the span of six months. New costumes and challenge maps are par for the course, but here’s the most enticing add-on’s:

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

An all new prequel story expansion in an entirely new location where you play as Batgirl for the very first time in the Arkham series - check out the first render of Batgirl (above).

The Season of Infamy

Play as Batman in all new story missions featuring legendary super-villains invading Gotham City, with new story arcs, missions and gameplay features.

Gotham City Stories

Play as Batman’s key allies in narrative missions extending their storylines, from both before and after the events in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Legendary Batmobiles with Themed Tracks

Drive the most iconic Batmobiles from Batman’s 75-year history, on custom-built race tracks, each themed to that Batmobile’s specific era. Every Batmobile will be drivable across every race track.

It’s a hefty amount of DLC, to be fair, and it’s the most postgame content we’ve seen out of any single Arkham title thus yet. But here’s the reality check: Rocksteady’s story add-on’s have historically been more jab than right hook; short and barely filling. Also: forty-Bat-damn-dollars. Still, if you can’t bare another Batman Saga coming to close, you’re $40 bucks away from staving off the grief. Worth it (?).