Behold, collectors. The special edition of Resident Evil:...

Behold, collectors.  The special edition of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City that’s going to tear a $70 chunk out of your wallet come March 20th (barring unforseen delay disaster).

Capcom announced the special edition of this diddy before any official images surfaced but it appears they’ve finally settled on box art.  I was secretly hoping Canadian developer Slant Six would lay the fan service on thick and make the bonus weapons offered in this edition replicas of familiar heaters from Res Evil lore.  They’ve met us at least halfway it seems as a few of the names above (like the Matilda) harken to games past.

My dollar’s biased towards anything RE yet I can empthasize with fans that believe the series has lost its survival horror bite and traded for the safety of mainstream gunplay.  Personally, I’m all for spin-offs testing new waters so long as the numbered entries continue to deliver big on the scares.  I’m hopeful for ORC but I’ve been burned by this franchise going gun-centric before (i.e. Fuck you, Survivor).

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